Thursday, February 24, 2011

Obama Says We Can "Ride Out" Libyan Crisis - Oil Tops $100

Yes you read that right, in an ABC News Report today, as oil prices reached $100 today (before closing down at $97.23 per barrel) President Obama told reporters that “We actually think we'll be able to ride out the Libya situation and it will stabilize,”.  I suppose $100 per barrel is no big deal to Obama:
The ABC News report is chocked full of interesting things from our President.  I thought it would be a good idea to go line by line through some of them:

“We have substantial capacity across the major economies in the strategic reserves of the major economies to deploy those reserves in the event we faced some particular risk of sustained supply disruption," Geithner said.
Across the major economies?  I'll admit Timmy...I'm not from the banking industry...or large corporate leadership...maybe I'm just dumb but this sounds like you don't just mean here in America but in other nations as well.  Are you tying us all together as though we were part of a single worldwide unit?  Which economies did you mean exactly? 

“I expect this to be a working group in which we are coming up with some concrete deliverables,” Obama said, “I don't think that we have to be trying to hit home runs every time. I think if we hit some singles and -- and doubles, if we find some very specific things that this group can help us on and we can work on together, then we can build on that success, and in the aggregate over time this will have really made a difference at a critical juncture in our economy.”
Mr. President, with all due respect.  You're in the 9th inning now.  You're down by 15 runs and you've got no one on base with 2 outs and 2 strikes.  You're going to need a couple of long balls (home runs for those of you who are not baseball fans) to stay in the game there partner.  So far all you've done is commit errors.  WE THE PEOPLE...some of whom have been unemployed for more than 3 years (your whole time in office) are sick of your sports analogies, your REALLY bad jokes and your belief that this is some sort of regular job where you get time off.  I'm not against you taking a vacation now and again, but when you go on 8 of them in just a few months, when your wife and kids eat up millions in taxpayer dollars jaunting around the world like Hollywood starlets, I begin to wonder if you take your job seriously. 

The president said that while the economy is growing in many sectors the biggest challenge is that unemployment is still “way too high” all across the country.
Didn't we hear last year that the economy was growing faster than expected?  Maybe it's growing everywhere but Delaware (that would be consistent with the conservative wave that swept the nation but washed up on the Delaware beaches).  Most of the major reports show markets like the housing and retail markets shrinking or staying flat so it appears that liberals are grasping at any straw they can for "good news".  Listen Mr. President, while you and your bookworm friends like Timmy G. look at statistics from obscure sources and try to dig for any good news you can make the real world we see through it.  We are on to your lies and we can see that there are no jobs.  Where are the jobs Mr. President?  Create private sector jobs, THEN tell us the economy is growing.

“So what we wanted to do was retool,” he said, “It's critical for us to have input from folks who are actually hiring, putting people to work, making payroll, making the products and services that make our economy so powerful.  But we want to make sure that we narrowed the focus to think about how do we ensure, A, that we're putting people to work right now, but also how do we lay the foundation for us to win the future over the long term.”
Soooo, did you NOT think to ask the people who are doing the hiring what they were looking for in the first place?  By the way, any of those folks from Delaware?  I think there are a few thousand people in Delaware looking for work at one of those places that is hiring, putting people to work, etc.  As for narrowing the focus, as I've said before, you sir, are out of time.  We don't have any more time for you to noodle around.  We need jobs and we need them yesterday.  PERIOD.  So have your "Brain Frame" there look into creating private sector jobs immediately and then look into sustaining them.

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