Friday, November 4, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Protestors Only Have Themselves to Blame

We’ve all seen the Occupy Wall Street protests on the news.  Whether it is the images of college aged children prancing through tent cities, marches with hundreds and thousands of protestors or even the riotous actions in places like Oakland, reactionto it has been mixed and has cut across party lines.  What began as a seemingly homogenous ball of anger has now begun to define itself.  Their demands are as mixed as their support though and it continues to feed the idea that they are a disorganized band of rebels.  That comes in part, from the MANY factions involved and in part from the fact that most of them are radical groups.  The images themselves lend us to wonder, where do we stand while the many different demands are perplexing as well.

But what it really all comes down to is this, these Occupy Wall Street folks are protesting the wrong thing.  They should be protesting…themselves.
Huh?  I know, stay with me here.
What is it the Occupy Wall Street crowd is consistently saying?  It’s all the fault of those greedy Wall Street bankers and the corrupt corporations right?  They’re consistent in saying that this banking crisis is due to Wall Street greed.  That the banking crisis we have today is because of Wall Street greed. 
So we’ve established that the problem, at least in their eyes, is greed mixed with corruption, right?  And what’s the leading cause of greed and corruption?  A lack of ethics and morality is the answer to that question.  Clearly, if Wall Street was ethically and morally grounded, there wouldn’t be deliberate over speculation intended to drive the price of products up, loans made without proof of income, residency or identification and you wouldn’t see mortgage backed securities packaged in those Credit Default Swaps.  You wouldn’t see these things, all labeled as the culprits of the fall of the market in 2008 because quite simply, they’re not ethical or moral.  You wouldn’t see Fannie and Freddie aligning with the Unions and ACORN to send thousands of protestors to stand on the lawns of bank CEO’s and managers chanting to make more risky loans and you wouldn’t see the bankers cutting a deal with Chris Dodd and Barney Frank to ensure their losses on these risky mortgage loans would be covered with taxpayer dollars.  And what, of all things, is the largest driving factor of positive morals and ethics?  The answer is clear again, religion and faith.  You can argue about individuals here and there buy by and large, of the hundreds of millions of Americans who believe in God and who truly live that lifestyle out, you will see morals and ethics prevail.  And who are the leaders in the fight to get rid of faith and push God out of the way?  The same people at Occupy Wall Street...
So these same people who have destroyed morality and ethics in America by attacking faith and trying to destroy God, are now protesting the fruits of their own labors!  You’d think they would be happy with these results since they were the only possible result of their battle against God.  You would think that the folks protesting this greed and corruption would be those who have been fighting FOR faith and FOR God but instead, those people, many of whom found themselves at home in the TEA Party where morals and ethics are at the forefront, have largely come out AGAINST the movement whose means are over the top and misdirected at best or mean-spirited and evil at worst.  These people, who created a culture of corruption, are now upset at the corruption.  Hard to wrap your head around it until you realize that…creating the crisis was the whole point to begin with. 
Yanno, like tear down capitalism, the American Republican and our financial system and replace it with One World Socialism.

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