Friday, February 17, 2012

A New Source in the First State

Delaware media has been traditionally controlled by apologists and elitists but no more.  There's a new game in town when it comes to media.  First State Media Group has formed to bring you the things that the other guys won't.  They will cover news stories that the others won't and give you opinions and perspectives that you won't get anywhere else.  The best part?  It's all done by regular Delawareans.  No elites, no uppity holier than thous and your opinions are not only welcomed but encouraged.  They thrive on comments by Delawareans and they need your stories, your upcoming events, your suggestions for new designs, stories and service offerings and of course your financial support.  Stop by and visit First State News and make sure you leave a comment, let them know what you think good or bad.  They can take it.


  1. you should work with the Caesar Rodney Institute. We are trying to advocate for free-market economic principles in Delaware, but we're having no luck because the media in this state would rather promote Markell's big-government philosophy than fiscal responsibility. Please e-mail me if you would like to work together to provide fact-based alternatives to the Wilmington News Journal.

  2. The Caesar Rodney Institute is really good. I highly recommend them.