Monday, April 4, 2011

Announcing my endorsement for GOP Chairman

I've been holding off on this for a while.  People have been asking who I am going to support and I have been cautious.  I know that my endorsement doesn't affect a ton of people's opinions but I also know that it does affect some.  I wanted to meet, speak with and digest each of the candidates for chairman of the GOP.  I owed that to the people who look to me for guidance or for assistance.  I've paid the money to see them debate and I've read all 17 pages of their plans.  I think every one of the three candidates for chair has a place in the party.  I have said that for some time.  John Sigler has a tremendous resume, a Rolodex that few if any in the state can match and the passion and foresight to infuse the party leadership with conservatism.  He has the pedigree and value set to rebuild and to heal the party.  Mike Protack has perhaps THE best plan for the organization, communication, outreach and platform of the party that I have seen anywhere.  The question with Mike is, can he heal the party division given his past?  Don Ayotte has more fire and energy than people 1/2 his age.  He's smart and he has great ideas for outreach.  My concern with Don is that he may have trouble bringing in high dollar donors. 

I am announcing my endorsement of John Sigler for Chairman of the Delaware Republican Party. I believe he is the best equipped to bring together the old and the new, the conservative and moderate and the TEA Party and party elites.  I also think his Rolodex is going to be tremendously beneficial to the party.  I would also like to see Mike Protack as Vice Chairman and Don Ayotte as an outreach coordinator.  The Chairman and Vice Chairman MUST come from different counties and Mike has developed a plan that is second to none.  As Vice Chair, he would be able to work with John to implement a plan to rebuild and energize the party and bring people back to our ideas of Freedom, Liberty and Opportunity.  Don Ayotte has tremendous energy and incredible outreach ideas.  We need him in the party, we need him involved at the statewide level and we need him working to bring people to the table.

I'm urging all of the delegates who value my opinion, to cast your vote for Chairman for Mr. Sigler at the convention on April 30th and to also cast your vote for Mike Protack for Vice Chairman.


  1. As an NRA member, I recall John Sigler doing a good job as President. I hope he becomes chair of the Delaware GOP.

  2. Anyone who can successfully bring unity to all of the conservative movements of the day is certainly the best candidate. It's not an easy task.