Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's official

After much consideration, I have decided to support John Sigler for Chairman of the Delaware Republican Party and Greg Lavelle for Vice Chair.  I have waited until I could have as much information as possible learn all I could.  I feel that for Chairman of the Republican Party you can do NO better than John C. Sigler, former NRA National President and a longtime Republican and Reagan conservative.  He's the right person at the right time and in the right place.  On the Vice Chair side, I know Don Ayotte and I know Greg Lavelle.  Both are fine gentlemen with spirit, energy and integrity.  Lavelle adds the dynamic of bringing the elected officials BACK to the table of party politics.  No one can accuse Greg of being as conservative as Don, and that is a plus for Don, but Lavelle gave such a passionate defense of family values in objection to S.B. 30 that the Democrats cut debate early to ensure the bill would pass.  It's my belief that Dover SHOULD be involved in party politics, it's also my belief, much to the chagrin of some, that all sides need to be represented and Greg brings a balance I think that Don lacks.  In addition, while I like Don, I just don't believe that he is ready to be Chairman or Vice Chairman of the Delaware Republican Party. 

Most of this will not sit well with some in the conservative circles and as of this writing I have gotten at least a few calls/emails about the fact that I am supporting Lavelle of Ayotte (though mysteriously no one seems to care that I am not supporting Mike Protack.  Besides, anybody is better than Tom Ross.


  1. Who cares what Evan thinks anyway that is the question.
    Sigler is a fraud from the extreme right wing nuts called the NRA.
    Lavelle has a district to represent, a caucus of Republicans to represent, a family and a job. Yea right he will be a zero as Vice Chair.
    evan, you are so stupid.

  2. At least I have the courage to post what I think publicly and attach my name to it. Unlike the anonymous posters...It's a shame really...for a long time there I actually had some respect for Protack and the people surrounding I see that respect was misguided.