Thursday, June 9, 2011

Citizen Cain

Herman Cain burst onto the stage at the Fox News debate in South Carolina and suprised a lot of people.  I knew about Herman Cain, I was concerned about his ability to raise enough money to beat Obama but from what I knew of his message and his past, I was happy enough.  With that said, he WAS a Federal Reserve Chairman and that was a concern because I know that the Fed is a major problem in our country.  I say was, because Herman Cain was confronted about his work with the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City by Glenn Beck and his answer was more than sufficient:

People ask, "Why do you support Herman Cain?" and the answer is, "Because Hermain Cain, flat out gets it."  Herman is a self made man.  He's worked for everything he's ever gotten and he's become a successful business owner who has created jobs and grown that business.  Cain understands America and what makes America the greatest country in the world.  He is descended from slaves and was raised by hardworking parents in the age of segregation in Atlanta, Georgia.  His father worked multiple jobs and his mother also worked to ensure that Herman and his brother had a home to grow up in and that they graduated from college.  They had faith the America WAS the nation of greatness that they thought it was.  They had faith that if they kept their faith in God and in eachother and worked hard, their dreams would be realized and they were right.  Herman and his brother graduated from college and now their son Herman is running for President of the United States. 

Herman understands that though America has the scar of slavery on it, the greatness is in the freedom to overcome that mark and to work your way up.  He combined that can do attitude with the values of a good work ethic & attention to detail and he earned everything he's ever recieved.  Some will say that "Herman Cain can't win."  I recall that they said the same thing about Christine O'Donnell in her race versus Mike Castle and look how that turned out.  She beat him despite the destruction by the mainstream media and despite the attacks from her own party.  In fact, had it not been for those attacks from her own party, we might be looking at Senator O'Donnell right now.

Some will say, "Can Herman Cain beat Barack Obama?" and the answer is YES.  Herman Cain is uniquely positioned to confront Barack Obama on all of his policies and to defeat him in the realm of ideas.  Additionally, Herman has a business background and he's been in the trenches of America's fiscal swamp.  What's more, Herman removes the one weapon that the media and the left have consistently thrown at every challenge to Barack Obama's policies, racism.  It almost feels wrong to even think it, but the fact is that no matter how valid the challenge to Barack Obama's Socialist policies, the media wraps it up in the bow of racism and hatred.  The media won't be able to do that with a man like Herman Cain who knows what he believes, understands the facts, speaks his mind and by the way, looks like Obama and more importantly, can really relate to communities that other candidates would spend millions of dollars just to begin to learn about.

Others will say, "Herman doesn't have enough name recognition.".  Sure, Herman has some work to do on his name recognition but most of that starts with us.  It's up to US to get the word out.  We've got to be telling our friends about Herman Cain and we've got be using Facebook, Twitter and email along with our face to face discussions to enlighten our friends and neighbors about Herman Cain and what he stands for. 

Step 1 - Go to  and learn what you can about Herman Cain.
Step 2 - Join Team Cain here
Step 3 - Invite your friends and family to check out
Step 4 - Invite your Caniac friends to Join Team Cain
Step 5 - Spread the word about Herman Cain to the rest of your community.

My latest blog pal, Mantei has got a GREAT post with tons of other Herman Cain websites where you can get involved.  Check him out here.  And subscribe to his site:


  1. Excellent site. GO HERMEN GO!!!!!!!! WE NEED YOU!!

  2. I would like to raise some Cain...... :)

  3. He's a bold man with a bold plan that needs bold support from all of us. Let's put President in front of Herman Cain!