Wednesday, June 29, 2011

O'Donnell cleared but still smeared by biased media

It's amazing what facts didn't make it into the story huh?

Randall Chase from the AP called today (FYI: The FCC never contacted me by the way) and here is what I told him:

I was not an official “volunteer”, employee or paid consultant with Friends of Christine O’Donnell until late September 2010, after the Primary election and after the TEA Party Express had left town. I was an independent blogger and supporter of Christine and I was anti-Mike Castle. As the Executive Director of Common Sense Communities Society, I endorsed Christine and subsequently I nominated her at the convention. I was not an official member of the campaign in any capacity. As ED of CSCS, I helped to bring in the TEA Party Express to Delaware to advocate independently of the campaign. Christine showed up at public events, there was no private communication there. Additionally, I was a frequently caller to the Rick Jensen show to defend Christine or to advocate against Mike Castle. I offered to hook Rick Jensen up with the TEA Party Express for an interview as an independent agent. I did speak with the TEA Party Express every day at that time, in my capacity of CSCS Exec. Director. Also, I was/am the Communications Director for Founders Values, a 501(c)3 who put on debates and candidate forums which she attended. As a host, I saw it as my role to ensure that our guests were protected and so when she was accosted by the press, I walked her out.

The truth is THE TRUTH!

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