Friday, July 15, 2011

CREW complaint against O'Donnell thrown out by US Attorney

For the 2nd time in two months, the U.S. Attorney has dismissed a complaint against former U.S. Senate Candidate Christine O'Donnell.  The second complaint, filed by the Soros funded Citizens Against Government Waste, alleged that O'Donnell violated campaign finance laws by paying rent and buying food.  NEWS AT 11!  This complaint, like that filed by RNC attorney Michael Toner on behalf of the Delaware Republican Party, cost O'Donnell election to Delaware's Senate seat vacated by Vice President Joe Biden and it cost the Republicans yet another seat.

In an act of desperation, Mike Castle and his friends leading the Delaware Republican Party filed a complaint against Christine O'Donnell with the FEC alleging misconduct with the TEA Party Express group.  The complaint came just a week before the September 15th Republican Primary and was an attempt to Their accusation was that O'Donnell's campaign coordinated with the TEA Party Express in order to stage events and raise funds.  Unfortunately, as with most FEC complaints, this one fell on its face because there were few, OK ZERO, facts in it.  As someone with firsthand knowledge of the case (you'll find my name in the complaint, listed as "Press Secretary" a position I never held within the campaign), I can attest to the absurdity of the entire argument.  First of all, the supposed "link", the "Press Secretary" (me) was not even a member of the campaign until AFTER the Primary campaign had ended.  Second, while I was referred to as "a spokesperson" for Christine O'Donnell on air by local radio host Rick Jensen, I immediately corrected his misstatements on air.  Early last month, the FEC dismissed the complaint for a lack of evidence.  Despite media reports to the contrary, it is expected that the FEC lawyers who filed their report "split along party lines" will clarify their statement and remove all doubt that there was no evidence to support the claim.

With that said, the claim did not derail the campaign as Mike Castle and his cohorts would have liked.  So what do they do?  Simple, they sell the lies that they had been spinning throughout the campaign to the highest bidder.  In this case, the George Soros funded liberal hit group CREW took the reins.  Well known in Washington for their partisan attack dog tactics, CREW filed their brief on Sept. 20th, just 5 days after O'Donnell had defeated Mike Castle in the Delaware Senate Republican Primary.  Turns out that CREW's fearless leader on this crusade was none other than Melanie Sloan.  Miss Sloan is a former Federal Prosecutor who made her name representing former CIA Agent Valerie Plame in a case against the Bush Administration which even the Obama Administration tossed out on its face.  She was also publicly admonished by the judge in the Scooter Libby trial for trying the case in the media instead of the courtroom.  This led Miss Sloan to CREW but not before she worked for Delaware's own, Joe Biden!  Well isn't that a "special" connection?  Oh, it gets better.  Sloan used her own father to file the claim against O'Donnell since it must come from someone in Delaware.  The CREW complaint was simply a compilation of ridiculous lies made up by the Castle campaign early on which were intended to paint O'Donnell as frivolous with money and illegally using campaign funds. 

In a shocker, the CREW team could only find the same two discredited witnesses from the beginning of the campaign to attack O'Donnell and wouldn't you know it, one of them has now been found to have filed a knowingly false affidavit.  Turns out that David Keegan, who had done some VERY brief consulting work for O'Donnell when she ran against Joe Biden back in 2008, simply lied about his relationship with the campaign and knowledge of specific events (which apparently never occurred).  Sloan herself may have violated the law but in the very least, as an attorney, Sloan certainly violated ethics rules while filing false complaints and making outrageous statements like "Christine O'Donnell is clearly a criminal, and like any crook she should be prosecuted,".  That's interesting Miss Sloan, because today we learned that the US Attorney disagreed.  In fact, it turns out that your witness David Keegan and potentially YOU Miss Sloan, are the crooks and criminals here.  I certainly hope that you are prosecuted for YOUR crimes against Ms. O'Donnell and the lies you perpetrated against her.  I say it's time to start holding people accountable for their false statements against candidates.  Enough mudslinging and demagoguery, anyone willing to ACTUALLY debate issues?  I certainly hope that Ms. O'Donnell pursues charges against Keegan, Sloan and CREW.


  1. Typical Soros machine. I'm with you. I hope Sloan and Keegan are prosecuted too. They throw mud and make false accusations and then the correction is made 6 months later on page 18. Pathetic. Great write up! Thank you Evan! KLSouth

  2. Thanks KL! It's time to end all of this back room dealing and off topic smearing. Witches and's all just meant to take away from the fact that she had legitimate points to make about the records of the candidates involved and she was NOT a mud slinger...