Friday, December 31, 2010

Maybe Tom Ross ISN'T the Anti-Christ afterall

I can't believe I'm typing this....but there is a selection coming up in 2011.  The RNC is picking a new chairman.  The race is mostly a bunch of party insiders, including a Pfizer lobbyist named Maria Cino who is currently pushing Obamacare (she's being backed by Delaware's own Priscilla Rakestraw), current Chairman Michael Steele and steele's right hand man Reince Priebus.  There are a host of others as well including a couple of conservative candidates and a newcomer who resigned from his RNC post and blasted Steele in a letter leaked to David Frum (he's the progressive from No Labels, info on him is here).

The conservatives are Ann Wagner, former Ambassador to Luxemborg and a relative unknown named Saul Anuzis.  Anuzis has the backing of TEA Party Nation, one of the many TEA Party groups out there.  Anuzis has real Conservative credentials and is considered to be the TEA Party's best chance at the RNC chairmanship.  That's why I was absolutely SHOCKED to see that Tom Ross, Delaware's own GOP Chairman, who attacked and berated and flat out disrespected the conservative candidates in the Delaware races this year, had openly put his support behind Saul.  I know, I had to look twice myself and lest ye think this is a joke, here is the visual evidence for you.
There he is, Tom Ross, Delaware Republican Party

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