Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Mayor Bloomberg admits that government cannot be everywhere all the time

In a stunning admission of government ineptitude, NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who bought himself changes to NYC election law in order to gain a 3rd term and who cofounded No Labels with the likes of Mike Castle and Charlie Crist (I call them the Three Musketeers) admitted in a press conference being held to address the failure of the NYC snow removal crews to adequately clear the city streets of snow, that government cannot get to everyone all the time.  This is a stunning revelation because this is exactly the same argument that the left has used for why government SHOULD be trusted with EVERYTHING, because they CAN get to everyone and the private sector can't.  So, if the private sector can't get to everyone AND the government can't....who do you trust?  Or is it just a fact that there will be those who slip through the cracks no matter what?  Perhaps the founders were right to trust individuals with taking care of themselves and those around them instead of government. 

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