Friday, December 24, 2010

Vince Meconi is back (again)

This guy just won't go away!  Vince Meconi, longtime Delaware government bureaucrat and Democrat insider is back on government payroll.  Meconi has been at top levels of Delaware government since 1993 and one of those posts, as the head of DHSS led him to the land of infamy.  He was the head of the agency that was responsible for the Delaware Psychiatric Center abuses.  Meconi presided over rapes, assaults and retaliations against whistle blowers at DPC and yet was given a generous pension for his inaction.  While he led DHSS, Meconi hauled in a whopping $143,000 and his pension for all his failures is $7,633.56 per month ($91,602.72 per year).  Heck of a pay cut for someone who is used to a 6 figure salary but not to worry.  While Meconi was out of work when Minner left office, the new Democrat leadership under Markell was just as corrupt and as such, a lifetime bureaucrat holdover from Minner is useful.  That's why Markell hired Meconi and invited him to double dip.  While still receiving his pension pay, Meconi was given a job with the new administration, short term of course (the job lasted nearly a year) pulling down just $73,125 in taxpayer funds.  All together, Meconi's annual take of taxpayer funds came to nearly $165,000. 

Even the establishment politicians in the Republican Party see Meconi as a problem.  Greg Lavelle, one of the more establishment of the establishment Republicans, filed a FOIA request to look into the Meconi hiring.  Now Vince is back, this time at the County level.  Incoming New Castle County Executive Paul Clark has hired good old Vince to be the deputy chief administrative officer of New Castle County.  This is a post he first held with the State government under Tom Carper.  Is it any wonder that Delaware elected Chris Coons and John Carney to Washington?  The people of this state are gluttons for punishment and they love being taken for fools and having lifelong politicians steal millions from the taxpayers.  This just goes to show that in Delaware, just when you think you're out, they pull you BACK IN!

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  1. First off..If you had any experience in the nursing business you would understand that you can't control human behavior.Vince Meconi nor anyone could control what goes on in a hospital or nursing home. The news had a lot of fun trying to smear this gentleman. I wish him Good luck!!

  2. So there is nothing a boss can do if he finds his people abusing patients? You're honestly trying to tell me that he couldn't control what happened? If that's the case, how in the hell do we trust ANYONE to do ANYTHING? How is it that these things don't happen in, Christiana Hospital or Bellevue Pysch in NYC? Maybe because hacks like Merconi aren't given the reins of an organization he can't handle.

  3. After the fact...of course....but when a patient wants to act up they're going to do it..I'm sure the attempt was made to curve bad behavior, but you can't stop it.

  4. #1 - The abuse went on for YEARS
    #2 - Background checks and constant reviews of employees will keep them from hurting patients.
    #3 - To defend a man who stood as the head of an agency where such rampant abuses were committed shows that for you and those like you, it's TRULY about political allegiance and not solid principles.

  5. Does anyone investigate other medical facilities? Are you aware most nurses come from employment agencies? Abuse between patients is called normal and ongoing in many hospitals. If we caught all abuses..everyone would be scrutinized...What other medical facilities have abuse but not reporting incidents...most incidents go unreported

  6. Wow, you ARE clueless...hospitals are required to report incidents of abuse especially patient on patient. I can't believe I'm actually having to explain this to an adult human being. I just can't fathom how you think it is ok to be THIS obviously derelict in your job ESPECIALLY when you are entrusted with the lives of people who cannot otherwise defend themselves.

    People in NYC are calling for Bloomberg's head because he handled the NYC snowstorm a little BETTER than Meconi handled the DHSS. He's incompetant and a political hack. This is an OUTRAGE and people ought to be going berserk over this moron being appointed to yet ANOTHER government job marking practically a TRIPLE dip in the taxpayer pool.

  7. Not defending mistakes made. Hospitals don't report all cases...

  8. Not since Harry Truman put the "Buck Stops Here" on his desk in the Oval Office, has a politician or political appointee taken responsibility for crimes and screw-ups occurring under their "leadership"

  9. What about his New Job at the Delaware River Bay Authority Pulling in $154,000 a year with Life Time Benefits??? He just landed this year??