Monday, March 28, 2011

Another Democrat found double dipping

It's no secret that State Senator Anthony DeLuca (my Senator I might add) is double dipping.  He is the head of the Office of Labor Law Enforcement as well as a State Senator.  Over the years, many politicians have double dipped, much to the chagrin of the voters.  The state has been reluctant to stop these double dippers because, well who wants to vote against themselves?  Our state legislature has been morally bankrupt with only a few shining lights over time.  There's nothing "illegal" at the state level with our politicians double dipping but DeLuca's position may be different.  Since his position recieved federal money, he may be in violation of a federal law that precludes elected officials who hold jobs that recieve federal money from running for reelection.  The News Journal, whose reporters seem to be getting it right much more lately (even if their editorial page is still in the tank for the left) has a great story on the issues DeLuca faces but we have to ask, even if it's not "illegal", is that enough to ignore the immorality?

Tony DeLuca is not the only elected official playing fast an loose. We have labor leaders whose members (and through dues, they themselves) benefit directly from their votes, in office at the County and State level.  Somehow, we still wonder why Delaware is bankrupt.  This is what Al Mascitti, the wild eyed screaming liberal on WDEL from 9 till noon everyday talks about when he talks about the "haves" and the "have nots".  Now, Al incorrectly portrays these positions on conservatives and business persons where the premise is silly.  Entrepreaneurs have WORKED for their profits and deserve the opportunity to enjoy their success.  These elected officials, who have used their name and positions to weasel into high paying government jobs while maintaining their elected offices are the ones gouging the people.

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