Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What's all the Wisconsin fuss about anyway?

For a few weeks now, our TV news has been inundated with video and images from the protests in Wisconsin and with talking heads constantly battling over whether the public employee unions have a natural right to band together, buy some politicians and then bargain with them over taxpayer money. Most Americans inherently know that this concept is wrong, even the ultra-liberal President FDR stood up against public sector unions. With that said, a favorite lie of the union apologists is that: "Public sector workers get paid less than private sector workers in exchange for better benefits." This is an argument that they use especially with teachers to explain how underpaid they are. Well a friend of mine has provided me with the following information about Wisconsin teachers (and select public employees) and their salary/benefit packages. Underpaid? You be the judge.... Continue reading on What's all the Wisconsin fuss about anyway? - Wilmington Education |

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