Saturday, March 5, 2011

Taking a Stand for Sanity

Jack Markell was elected in 2008 after a long primary with then former Lt. Gov. (now Congressman) John Carney.  Carney was considered the more liberal of the two and at the behest of nationwide conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh, thousands of Delaware Republicans changed their political party affiliation not only to ensure that Markell was the gubenatorial candidate but also that Barack Obama beat Hillary Clinton in a move dubbed "Operation Chaos".  This move in Delaware created artificially high Democrat registration margins, gave the liberals in the Delaware Democrat Party a dataset to use in order to claim a massive liberal mandate. 

The Delaware Republican Party has been largely silent in the last 3 years as Jack Markell and the Democrat controlled General Assembly has "balanced the budget" by using accounting tricks and half measures that ignore the real roots of our problems, the rampant over spending and bloated size of Delaware's state and local govenrments.  To be fair, I should point out that government largesse is concentrated in State government, New Castle County government and Wilmington city government.  While Sussex and Kent have largely controlled the size of their governments, the northern half of the state has exploded.  While some descrepency is expected since the majority of Delawareans live in New Castle County, government has taken advantage of that fact.  We can no longer be silent about the fact that Jack Markell and his ENTIRE administration is failing the people of Delaware.  This includes DEDO chief Alan Levin who is the real reason why the GOP is silent about Markell's failures.  Levin was brought in by Markell to show his bi-partisanship and was hailed as a brilliant economic mind.  Delaware has a higher unemployment rate than it did when Levin/Markell took over, a higher unemployment rate than the national average and is continuing to lose jobs left and right.  HSBC, Wilmington Trust and countless small businesses have laid off thousands since they took office.  Fisker has yet to build a car, the University of Delaware hasn't yet created a job at the Chrysler plant and the reopening of the Valero plant has produced a net loss of 200 jobs.  Yet, the Delaware Republican leadership is SILENT...because of Levin.   Mr. Levin, you HAVE FAILED.  It's time that you followed the lead of former DelDOT chief Carolann Wicks and resign.  Perhaps you could start another drug store and create more private sector jobs than you have as DEDO head.

I'm not willing to pull the same punches as the Delaware GOP leadership.  They live in a world where a few ultra rich people control their every move.  I don't.  Where I live, the people of Delaware MATTER.  Where I live, jobs need to be created and created NOW.  Where I live, spending is out of control and the answer is to cut the size and scope of government.  Where I live our children are failing and out administrators make millions in unearned taxpayer dollars.  Where I live we owe them a better education system and a better chance at making it.  Where I live the city of Wilmington needs an injection of hope, capital and common sense.  Where I live is with you, the people.  This is the first in a series that will highlight the problems we face and how we fix them.  I'm not going to sugarcoat it folks, our situation is dire.  With that said, we can survive and if we work together we will.  I don't pretend to have all the answers but I know the fools in office now don't seem to have any.  Let's rescue Delaware.

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