Friday, August 26, 2011

CREW Under Investigation by the IRS

My how the tables have turned between O’Donnell and CREW. Only a couple of months ago, CREW was calling O’Donnell a thief and a liar and had pending investigations with the U.S. Attorney and the FEC. Now, all the charges against O’Donnell have been dismissed as false on their face and CREW is being investigated by the IRS for their violations of their 501(c)3 charter. Here is a press release from O’Donnell’s PAC detailing the latest move by the IRS:

Complaint Against Soros-Funded
CREW Moves Forward in IRS
Left-Wing Organization has Long History of Targeting Republicans
Wilmington, DE—This week, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) notified ChristinePAC that it has referred the group’s complaint against Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) to its Dallas office for further review. ChristinePAC has asked the IRS to strip CREW of its tax exempt charitable status for engaging in partisan political activities in violation of federal law.
Christine O'Donnell and ChristinePAC filed an official complaint against the organization with the IRS, asking the agency to revoke CREW's tax-exempt status. Acting as a "charitable organization," CREW is barred from intervening in political campaigns ("electioneering") as well as participating in discriminatory activities. Over a period of several election cycles, however, CREW has misused its tax-exempt status by acting on behalf of the Democratic Party as well as establishing a pattern of racially discriminatory activities.
“The justice system should not be used as a political weapon, and CREW's partisan campaign intervention in my US Senate election are well documented. Taxpayers should not be forced to subsidize an organization that acts in blatant violation of the law. CREW has illegally posed as a non-partisan political watchdog keeping Washington politicians in check. However, in reality, CREW has misused and abused its tax exempt status by intervening in partisan political campaigns and disproportionately targeted attacks against Republican candidates and officeholders, while outright ignoring scandals involving Democratic candidates and officeholders,” said former Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell.
ChristinePAC has also called for an investigation of CREW’s Executive Director Melanie Sloan for knowingly filing a false federal claim against Ms. O’Donnell, a claim that was later dismissed. Ms. Sloan has worked for some of the most strident liberals in Congress, including Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY). She also failed to disclose using her own father, a Delaware voter and major Biden donor, as her complainant against O’Donnell in CREW’s FEC Complaint filed only days after Christine O’Donnell won the Republican nomination for the US Senate in 2010.
“The IRS must scrutinize CREW’s expenditures and will find a history of CREW’s blatant political activities, supported by its liberal sources of funding, which include George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and the Tides Foundation,” said Cleta Mitchell, Attorney for ChristinePAC. “There is no question that CREW has forfeited its charitable status and the IRS can draw no other conclusion.”

For more information on the case it has mounted, please visit
ChristinePAC is committed to values that strengthen our country as a whole and to empowering Americans to become more involved in the political process. It seeks to empower Americans through voter education, in which voters learn more about the election process, voter fraud, and how to harness the great responsibility we have as Americans to vote for the leaders of our country.

O’Donnell has already taken down one giant in former longtime Congressman Mike Castle and now is poised to strike a blow against the Soros funded CREW organization that has taken on every conservative from Andrew Breitbart to Sarah Palin. In fact, O’Donnell has already succeeded where no one else has. CREW has not been investigated before but now, with criminal charges pending in both the State of Delaware and at the federal level for CREW’s lies against O’Donnell and their filing of false reports, the IRS has decided to move forward on their investigation. The Capital Research Center details CREW’s left leanings in both staff and monetary support, their focus on conservatives over liberals and their ethics problems in a recent report. An excerpt from their report details the real purpose for why CREW was built:

“Sakol alerted Hillary and her staff about the newly forming group and its need for ‘Democratic progressive money,’” the book says. “The hope was that CREW would prove to be a perfect counterbalance to Judicial Watch, the corruption watchdog that had tormented the Clintons with lawsuits and press conferences throughout the 1990s.”

“CREW could do things the senators couldn’t do,” Sakol said, according to the book. “And once CREW’s charges ‘were out in the press,’ Sakol noted, other people could cite the findings of the group, which was usually portrayed as nonpartisan in news accounts.”

Its point was to be a left wing attack group and it’s certainly succeeded in that goal but it’s done so while pretending to be non-partisan. Now, they are finally being investigated and face serious ethics and criminal charges for their filing of false affidavits and their violations of their 501(C)3 charter. Even those on the right who have attacked O’Donnell should be thankful for her response to CREW and supportive of her fight against their attacks. She is once again leading the charge against a giant and once again her stones are landing.

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