Wednesday, August 17, 2011

O’Donnell tells Piers Where to Stick it

No doubt the News Journal “reporters” are hammering away at their keyboards after Christine O’Donnell’s appearance on Piers Morgan’s CNN show. O’Donnell was on to promote her book and the interview started out fairly well. She was amiable and Piers was nice enough but throughout the interview, Morgan continued to turn the topics away from the subject matter of the book, which is a return to our founding principles and an embrace of fiscal responsibility, limited government and a breakup of the crony capitalist system. Now, CNN’s website only shows the last few minutes of the exchange but for those of us who watched the show, Piers went on and on throughout the interview about witches, masturbation and gay marriage which were simply not the topics he brought her on to discuss. Here’s the end of what was at least 15-18 mins of O’Donnell tying to redirect Piers who was acting like a lovesick teenager fresh into puberty.

I say “Good Job Christine!” Piers has a history of asking ridiculous questions of his guests, especially women:

Piers Grills Condoleeza Rice for Being Single - "Are you high maintenance?"

Piers Morgan asks English Prime Minister Gordon Brown about the “mile high club”

Piers attacks Ann Coulter with Personal Questions

So Christine, after 15 mins of deflecting the engorged Morgan from discussions about sex and witches, decided that the interview was not worth continuing as she had other engagements to attend to. I say good for her and while I know that the News Journal will print something filthy and that her political opponents will trash her over it but I say let them talk. It’s time these elitist pricks in our media system realized that they are not only replaceable but EASILY replaceable. Oh, and one more thing, why do we keep accepting the rejects from overseas? Piers Morgan, Farid Zakaria…is it really such a thought desert on the American left that our national media outlets can’t even pull from OUR pool of idiots?

*UPDATE*I recieved a quote from Christine O'Donnell on the interview with Piers:

"If you watch the full interview, you'll see I was more than a good sport with his prior inappropriate/double standard line of questions. We had already gone over our time limit and were late for a Women's National Republican Club speech being shown on C-SPAN. Piers' is a liberal host with his own agenda, so no hard feelings and I wish him all the best in his future endeavors. There are major crisis in our country and in our world today. Those are the discussioins we try to address in Troublemaker and everyday Americans want to talk about, not Piers admitting he is a pro-masturbation talk show host (or something to that effect)."

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