Sunday, August 14, 2011

TEA Party leaders to debate progressives on "Community Crossfire" with Norman Oliver

Founders Values leaders Evan Queitsch and Lee Tirado are proud to have been asked by Mr. Norman Oliver to appear on his television show "Community Crossfire" again this Sunday August 14th at 9PM. The show will be broadcast on Comcast Cable channel 22 (or perhaps 28 depending on where you live) and will stream live on

Norman Oliver (right) and his son Norman Oliver Jr.
FV on TV

Delaware Today has a great piece on Mr. Norman Oliver, a self made man in every sense of the word.

When he was in eighth grade, Norman and his younger brother, Alonzo, rounded the corner of their block in Southbridge one day to find their mother in the street, surrounded by their belongings. They had been evicted. "But we persevered," he says. "We were a strong-knit family."

Oliver has not only persevered, he has prevailed, overcoming a childhood of poverty and steering a precarious course through Wilmington politics to become a successful entrepreneur and leader in the black community. His years as a city councilman-from 1992 to 2003-were especially controversial. Back then, Oliver, a man who has an affinity for the spotlight, stopped taking calls from reporters after making headlines for the wrong reasons.

I urge you to read the entire story of "Stormin Norman". You'll see his ups and downs and his brush with corruption. I see Mr. Oliver as a triumph of conservatism and capitalism and as a stark reminder of how close corruption is to everyone in the government. A single bad choice or misjudgment can result in epic consequences.

Our last appearance on the show went a long way in beginning a dialogue in inner city communities about the true intentions of the TEA Party. There were callers concerned about TEA Party racism, about education in Delaware and about how we can improve America. We addressed all of those concerns and we showed that the TEA Party has nothing to do with race and is concerned about the long term welfare of both Delaware and the United States. This time, we hope that the debate will focus on specific steps that we can take to restore America and policy ideas from a TEA Party perspective. I hope you will all tune in as well to hear the dialogue and to get a better understanding of where we stand and what we can do to clear up misconceptions about the TEA Party - 9/12 - Patriot movement.

Time: 9PM
Date: Sunday 8/14/11
Channel: 22 - WITN in the city and surrounding area. The program MAY be available in other parts of NCC on channel 22 or it may not. If it is not, you can stream it live from Update: The show may also be broadcast on channel 28 on Comcast cable outside the city. In Newark for instance, the program can be seen on Local Channel 28.

Mr. Oliver has informed us that progressive Nancy Willing, author of The Delaware Way will be debating us and we are sure that Norman will be opening up the show to calls and he would like you to call in as well. Please call in and show support for our mission to return to Constitutional values! We hope to hear from all of you during the show. Thank you for your support!


Evan Queitsch
Founders Values

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