Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Every Race Matters

If 2010 taught us anything, it’s that in Delaware, we can’t win statewide or make headway in Dover until we change New Castle County.  Even if we won every race in Kent and Sussex County we could not control the General Assembly in Dover without New Castle County and that is why every race matters in 2012.  We have a rare opportunity to turn the tide in Delaware with almost every seat up for grabs.  What we must do is look outside of our own districts for places where we can find solid conservatives who can pick up seats that we will need to regain control of the General Assembly.

How can we affect races in districts we don’t live in?  Consider this, across the state there are 174,545 registered Republican voters.  If half of these voters contributed just $10 to each of the 51 seats up for election in 2012, each candidate would have $872,725 and each donor would spend just $510 (the max contribution limit to each race is $600 so this is 51 for the price of 1).  Even the most difficult races in Delaware should be quite winnable with those kinds of dollars.  Given the results, it’s really a small price to pay to achieve these kinds of victories in Delaware and to save our state from our current disastrous course.

So when you’re looking out at the races this year, consider spreading a little cash around to races throughout the state to make 2012 a wave election and regain control of Dover.  We can and we will make a difference in Delaware

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