Friday, August 5, 2011

Why O’Donnell’s Fight Matters

Over the last year, I have maintained Christine O’Donnell innocence. Whether on the payroll or off, I have consistently defended her against many of the charges against her. In June and July of this year, both complaints against O’Donnell were found to be lacking any evidence and we subsequently dismissed. In June, the FEC dismissed a complaint against O’Donnell that she colluded with the TEA Party Express because the key evidence against her was simply an outright lie. That didn’t stop the lame stream media from continuing to attack her, despite the dismissal and the facts of the case. They claimed that the 3-3 split decision was a political boon from 3 Republicans on the FEC committee but there are a few holes in that story if you understand the complaint. First, Christine O’Donnell may have won the Republican nomination by slaying the dragon that was Mike Castle but she was not well accepted by the establishment elites. In fact, she spent almost the entire Primary and General election campaign running AGAINST the Republican establishment. It was Republican elitist lawyers who pushed Mike Castle, Republican elite pundits like Karl “Tokyo” Rove, Bill “Don’t break the” Kristol and Charles Krauthammer who pounded on O’Donnell almost as much as Bill Mahr did and even the Delaware Republican Party Chairman said she “couldn’t be elected dogcatcher”. Second, the complaint was filed by the Delaware GOP and GOP elite lawyer Michael Toner (and former FEC chairman) who, according to former GOP Chairman Tom Ross, was sent to file the claim by the NRSC. It seems strange that 3 Republican FEC attorneys would turn around and side with the anti-Republican establishment, TEA Party backed candidate over one of their own and their establishment friends. In July, the U.S. Attorney in Delaware (a Democrat) dismissed a complaint filed by the partisan hack group CREW. The George Soros funded attack organization specializes in attacking conservatives like Sarah Palin, who they pursued for her wardrobe. That complaint was found to be frivolous, as are most complaints that CREW files. Similar to the complaint about Palin, CREW’s attack on O’Donnell was based on lies and fabrications and came DURING an election. This is a clear violation of their IRS mandate to remain apolitical as a 501c3 and CREW’s Executive Director, Melanie Sloan is on record saying that she hopes the voters take into account her accusations when they go to the ballot box. Now, O’Donnell has filed to have the IRS revoke CREW’s 501(c)(3) status, she’s asked Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden to bring charges of perjury against accuser David Keegan who admitted to lying in the affidavit that CREW filed on his behalf in which he alleged that O’Donnell committed theft from her campaign funds and she has filed with the U.S. Attorney in Delaware and Obama Justice Department to have CREW held accountable for knowingly filing a false complaint against O’Donnell.

Here is O'Donnell and her attorney explaining their case:

So, why does her fight matter? Her fight is our fight. The TEA Party uprising in America that turned the tide of politics in America and gave voice to the silent majority of Americans who believe in the American Dream of our founders is a struggle to regain our voice. Our nation was designed so that WE the people would maintain control of our government and so that it would not grow outside of our control. That design required us to be vocal, engaged and active with our votes. We stopped doing that in the 20th century. Since 1960, voter engagement has fallen in Presidential election years from 61.3% in 1960 to 56.8% in 2008 and it’s plummeted in non-Presidential years from 48.4% in 1966 to just 37.8% in 2010. In 2010, the voting age population was 235,809,266 while only 90,682,968 voters actually turned out. The historic 2008 elections produced a much higher than normal turnout and still just 56.8% of America’s voting-age population turned out. In 2006, an off year election, only 37.1% of voting-age Americans turned out to vote for the national elections. 80,588,000 people turned out to vote out of 220,660,000 Americans of voting age. Voter registration numbers show that 84,710,400 voting age Americans never even bothered to register to vote. 38.4% of voting age American never registered to vote and only 59.3% of registered voters decided to turn out to vote. We as Americans have walked away from politics because we believe we are too small for it. We don’t believe our voice is being heard and we don’t believe that we can stop the big money, big influence, big government from taking over our nation. O’Donnell is showing us that we CAN stop the rich, the powerful and the connected from running roughshod over us. She’s trying to help us understand that America’s system of government is still rooted in the defense of the innocent and that no one is above the law. Her fight is our fight. Her story is our story. She grew up in a small house with 5 brothers and sisters. Her father worked three jobs at times to make ends meet and she has faced adversity in her lives the same as many Americans have. She was caught in the housing crisis, financed her college education and has searched for her true faith throughout her life. She’s really no different than many of us and she’s under attack from billionaire currency killer George Soros and his left wing attack group CREW. We’ve GOT to support her.

It’s VITAL that O’Donnell defeat these forces and that she expose them for the frauds they are. I say, if you agree with what you’ve read here, if you believe in government of the people, by the people and for the people, please support Christine by reserving your own copy of her new book “Troublemaker”. In it you will hear her personal story and experience her battle against the Mike Castle machine, the liberal media and the political establishment. It’s an inspiring story of perseverance, determination and faith. Pick up a copy today and support a real citizen who took on the establishment.

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