Monday, January 17, 2011

ABC discredited again

Anyone who's ever watched an episode of 60 Minutes and then gone off to research things on their own has likely already found this out but as of today, ABC News and specifically Christiane Amanpour have discredited themselves.  While doing a story on an event that ABC held in the wake of the Tucson shooting that brought together many involved, including victims, relatives and friends of victims and even local "TEA Party" leaders (who showed up to have their voices heard despite the threats on their lives), ABC caught real current event news.  During the discussion, a local TEA Party leader named Trent Humphries stood up and walked about how he, not as a TEA Party leader, but as the neighbor and FRIEND of one of those killed by the deranged gunman, was a bit concerned by the raucous almost political rally event that was put on to bring President Obama to Tucson in the wake of the tragedy.  He spoke about wanting to allow the community to really get a handle on the tragedy and to perhaps bury the dead before they celebrate and cheer and clap.  Most of the crowd seemed to understand and agree by one man, off camera and barely audibly shouted "YOU'RE DEAD!" and pointed at a picture of Mr. Humphries.  He continued to yell and scream acidity at Mr. Humphries.  The man, J. Eric Fuller, is a victim of the Tucson tragedy and a supporter of Rep. Giffords who has blamed Fox News, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin for the tragedy in AZ openly in the George Soros funded Media Matters online publication.

ABC and their "reporter" Amanpour, who moderated the event, ignored his comments until the end of the report when they anecdotally added that "according to the Pima County Sheriff's office" an attendee and victim of the Tucson shooting was arrested and detained for threatening the "TEA Party leader" but instead of being jailed was "involuntarily committed" to a local hospital for a mental health exam.  They did not mention what he said, or that he continued his threats from outside, nor did they report that Mr. Fuller had made the statements to Media Matters.  A follow up report on the scene called the ABC News event, "a TEA Party rally".  So, ABC is supporting the TEA Party now and hosting "TEA Party rallies"?

Christiane Amanpour is the same long time "reporter" who literally shoved campaign staff and called them "fucking scum" when trying to get an interview with 2010 U.S. Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell.  Her account of the incident at the ABC hosted event in Arizona is just more proof of the mainstream media bias that hides news that does not hold their narrative up and reports false "news" that better suits their desired story.  We must have OBJECTIVITY in our news.


  1. Has anybody found out about the t-shirts that were distributed during the memorial that were worn by the group that kept hollering during the memorial service, (if one could call it that)? It was on Rush's page? I am still trying to find out about that. I sw it on Fox early the morning after and then it disappeared and I only caught half of it. Rush said they were t=shirts from Obama's 2008 campaign that were left over and then it was all dropped.

  2. Yea, I read about it over at Redstate...turns out the mighty T slogan came from the Obama for America 2008 campaign. Doesn't seem like these shirts were leftovers but it was all done too quickly to not have been concieved by the Pres and his cronies.

    Turns out the message is pretty much a Marxist call. Shame shame, you look at everything and you have to wonder, how can they be so heartless. You KNOW this was a campaign kickoff because he's gettin the band back together on the campaign side of things. The spin machine is in motion and this became his rebrand, his kickoff. He got what they all wished for, an Oklahoma City moment. Now the question is, will enough Americans see through his BS? Time will tell.