Monday, January 3, 2011

A case for Tom Kovach

Regular readers of this blog will recall that I laid out a compelling case for why I think Tom Kovach deserves a look when we go to the polls on Jan 13th to vote for a new New Castle County President.  Most importantly, Tom's opponent, Tim Sheldon, is a former VP of the AFL-CIO (I mean, can you GET anymore Progressive than that?).  Some folks have gotten hung up on the fact that Kovach has been labeled as the "hand picked candidate" of former Congressman Mike Castle.  C'est la vie folks and we have to deal with it.  We could stay home, protest our vote and say we won't vote for Castle's guy.  We could vote for the Libertarian candidate James Christina and he might get just under 10% of the vote.  In the end that does one thing, it ensures that Tim Sheldon, former VP of the AFL/CIO has a smooth road to NCC President. 

Sure, Kovach went on with Glen Urquhart on WILM today and espoused the wonders of the RGGI that has continuously depressed jobs, shrunk the economy and driven up the price of energy but he didn't sound real confident in those statements so I think we can still talk him down from the regional cap and trade ledge.  Look, the fact is that we tried the whole "elect the radicals to prove a point" thing in 2008 and we got Universal put Tim Sheldon in the Presidents seat and you might as well call us the New Castle Socialist County.  Besides, if Tim Sheldon were to beat Mike Castle's hand picked candidate for Council President, that would leave the DE GOP leadership looking...well worse than it already does and we can't have that now can we?  C.R. also has a pretty compelling reason why Kovach is the choice over at Resolute Determination.


  1. Well said. We're never going to find the perfect candidate but Kovach is 90% there, especially for county council - might be different if he were running for US Senate where the social issues may come into play.

    Having him set the agenda and run council meetings will bring some balance to the current one party rule. Hand that power to Sheldon and we might as well pack it up and move to Jersey. And if Sheldon wins we get to waste even more tax money on another special election to fill his 9th district council seat.

    BTW, Castle had nothing to do with getting Kovach to run for this seat. Yes, Tom is a Castle guy and Castle is trying to help him win, but it was a few of the region officers and other lower ranking committee members who reached out to Tom after he lost the 6th.

    Tell your friends and family to vote for Tom on the 13th. Turnout will be super low and we actually stand a decent chance.

  2. Thanks C.R.! I've gotten a lot of heat for "not falling in line" but I've been consistent in telling people that Kovach is better than Sheldon. I talk to Tom, I like him, I don't wish any ill will. My problem is the attempts to blame his loss on the conservative movement. The numbers just don't bear out that argument....but whatever.

    On the Castle argument, when I sat down with Tom, he told me it was Castle who has walked him to this. The TEA Party groups would have embraced him too but I believe he was told by Castle not to deal with us. For that reason we have been hands off on this campaign. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm not sure we can win with a fracture like that. My hope is that after Jan. 13th everyone zips up their pants, grows up, quits complaining about CoD and moves on to win in 2012.