Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kovach wins NCC President!

The New Castle County GOP united today and supported a good man and a good candidate for the New Castle County Council President race.  Republican Tom Kovach defeated former AFL-CIO VP Tim Sheldon in a blowout 57%-41%.  All corners of the GOP came together behind Mr. Kovach.  In stark contrast to the divided November elections when the TEA Party element was at odds with the establishment, Kovach enjoyed broad support from both conservatives and moderates in the New Castle County GOP.  The advocacy group Common Sense Communities Society even endorsed Kovach and turned out their voters to ensure his victory tonight.  Even Christine O'Donnell, who was the subject of moderate Republican ire in November and who lost largely due to that ire, chipped in the maximum amount allowed to Mr. Kovach.  This was truly a united effort and let me say that I am proud of Mr. Kovach and look forward to holding him accountable in County Council.  Afterall, Tom is a TEA Partier:

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