Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Plight of the American Right

Minutes after the attack in Arizona, news reports flooded the wire about the shooters motives.  Although impossible to be known at the time, inexplicably, the mainstream media had access to Sarah Palin's PAC website and the images of cross hairs on Rep districts around the country that symbolized elected officials being in the POLITICAL cross hairs of the voters.  The left wing media and even elected officials and law enforcement set to immediately blaming the TEA Party, Sarah Palin and right wing talk radio for the shooting.  The American Right, those who consider themselves center-right, the TEA Party, the conservatives and the mainstream Americans who want to be allowed to live their lives without government intervention is constantly bashed by the media.  This is the plight of the American Right.

The first responses from the right, even from my friends on Facebook were words of prayer, solemn thought and deep condolences for the victims and their families.  Sarah Palin immediately took down her website for the very IDEA that it might have played a part.  In an email to "right wing talker" Glenn Beck, we see the deep thought and sincere concerns of Sarah Palin.  She feels for the victims, she has empathy for the families and her first thought is of God's will and his mercy.  She's also plagued by the need to defend herself against attacks whenever ANYTHING happens.  This is the plight of the American Right.

The Discovery Channel hostage taking, the plane that flew into the IRS building, the Arizona assassinations, you name the event, the American left and their cohorts in the media immediately blame the TEA Party.  They look for connections and when they inevitably fail to make those connections and instead end up connecting THEMSELVES...(Discovery Channel hostage taker was a left wing environmentalist, Arizona shooter is an Atheist Communist) well they call on "both sides" to moderate their speech and ratchet down the rhetoric.  The fact is that they win either way.  If the right IS at fault, it's a knock out blow to a growing movement in opposition to the current direction of America and if not, the left can call for moderation and limits to speech which paints the TEA Party and the right into a defensive corner.  This is the plight of the American Right.

The American left shoots from the hip, they capitalize on events like the Arizona shooting and they never let a crisis go to waste.  They are always so prepared and the media, their propaganda arm, is more than willing to distribute their material as "truth" no matter what the reality is.  How can someone immediately politicize an event like this without even CONSIDERING empathy for the victims?  The answer is simple.  The American left has no moral base and therefore no capacity to truly empathize and care about others.  Despite the claims that they care, they never have.  Look back at their "caring":

1.) They created Planned Parenthood to allegedly, make life easier on single women who were raped or made a mistake...and then they built the buildings in the inner cities and as close to minority communities as possible.  Only years later did it become well known that the real reason that Planned Parenthood was developed was to control the population of "undesirable classes of people".

2.) LBJ's Great Society was supposedly a savior for black families and single mothers.  He passed Civil Rights legislation and evened the playing field through redistributing wealth and creating or expanding federal programs designed to aid the poor.  In reality, LBJ had never supported (his record is clear, he NEVER voted in favor of Civil Rights legislation) Civil Rights legislation until it suited his purposes and allowed him as President to see that he could gain a whole new bloc of voters (the black vote).  He pushed it through a willing Republican Congress and claimed credit for legislation he had only a few years before, been a leader in OPPOSING.  His aid to families in poverty and to single mothers made it more beneficial to be a single mother than a family with both parents.  This hurt minorities more than any other class.  To put this in perspective, in 1960, only 5.3% of children were born out of wedlock and today that figure is more than 40%.  In the 1960s, 25% of African-American babies grew up without a father in the home.  Today that number is more than 72%.  Despite his long record of anti-civil rights behavior, his support and promise to sign the Civil Rights Act gave him 94% of the black vote in 1964.
The American left, not ALL Democrats, but unfortunately the leadership of the party USES the empathy that others feel as a path to victory.  Meanwhile, the American Right FEELS that empathy and expresses it which often leaves them open to the attacks of the left.  The morality of the right, leaves them vulnerable to the snipes from the left.  The American right must defend itself against attacks from the left and continue to show empathy and live a moral and God centered life.  WE must multi-task and do it better than the left can focus on the attacks.  THIS is the plight of the American Right.

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