Thursday, January 27, 2011

Who have we become?

In Nebraska, two women (1 who had her two young children with her) attacked another one on a bus.  They did it while the children and at least 3 passengers and the bus driver watched.  Watch this video.  LOOK at who we are.  Not just the vicious attackers but the bystanders who do NOTHING and the children, look at the poor children.  These children are learning this behavior as OK because no one says anything.  Everyone is culpable for this. 

The Jersey Shore set a record for viewership, over 9 million people watched it last week.  The Hills, MTV's child porn show 'Skins" and even the ABC Family show "The Secret Life of an American Teenager" promote sex, violence and that kind of material is trickling down to stations like Nickelodeon (watch iCarly for evidence).  Rap music (which even I must take my lumps for listening to) has become worse and worse in its advocacy of killing people, raping and mistreating women and using drugs.

Look at this Google search for "girl fights".  I don't care where you stand on women's rights, I have and America HAD more respect for our women than this:

In Wilmington, Delaware there's a suggestion that we bring in the National Guard because the police are unable to stop the murders or even solve many of the cases.  The city has a population of 80,000 and in 2010, 27 people were murdered which set a record eclipsing the mark set in 2008 (26).  Gang violence is on the rise, recidivism is up and more and more of our young people are going to prison.  I urge all of you to watch the show "Gangland" on the History Channel (now also playing on Spike).  You may not LIKE the content but you need to KNOW that it exists and that it exists here in Delaware.

Even if these girl fights and murders don't affect you, you've been in a store where someone has gotten mouthy with the clerk in front of their kids or yours.  My wife and I and our 4 children were in the new Target at Christiana Mall shopping in the baby section around a couple of young girls when one of them started using the F--- word literally in every sentence.  It was so bad that my wife and I had to move away.  I've been at Kmart when a woman has verbally assaulted another woman in front of their kids.  Almost everyone has seen this video:

I know what you're thinking.  Evan, we all KNOW these things.  We've all seen this a million times before.  Well folks, this is the problem.  We all know about it but no one will DO anything.  That doesn't mean we censor rap music, ban YouTube or that women shouldn't be allowed to advance and achieve.  It means that we, as a society must stop thinking of ourselves as nothing more than animals.  We must stop accepting these things as normal or looking the other way.  WE have a responsibility to STAND up no matter the cost.

The problem with our nation is not political.  It's something my good friend Jerry calls "moral decline".  It's the "Me Craze", "If it feels good do it" and everything is "an expression of self".  It's a loss of a moral compass.  For most people (more than 90%) that compass points to God.  For others it's just a sense of right and wrong they determine for themselves.  Whatever it is that they point to, too many people have lost their way.  We've lost our faith in God, more accurately we have misplaced it.  When times are tough, when all the chips are down we often find it but that is not enough.  We have to find the good in ourselves and live it all the time.  There will be things we disagree on and disagree on strongly but there is a path to goodness.

It's not OK to fight in front of our children, it's not acceptable to pull out our cell phones and videotape a fight to put it on YouTube.  It's not OK for our children to attack an authority figure and it's not acceptable to kill or attack a police officer.  Our culture is corrupt, our kids are getting worse.  What's more unacceptable?  The passengers on the bus.  The people that do NOTHING are as guilty as those who do not know how to act.  I often hear people my father's age talk about how "in my day this wouldn't have happened" and you know what, they're right.  The REASON why these things didn't happen then is because parents spent more time with their kids and the communities were such that if you got in trouble around the corner, your mother knew about it before you got home or in some cases, the adult who caught you went ahead and took care of you then and there.  Kids were raised to RESPECT their elders at all costs, now 12 year olds consider themselves BETTER than adults.  It's not enough to raise your own children anymore.  We must take an active role in ALL of our children's lives.  Remember,

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.


  1. It's so sad to see young women behaving like animals in front of their own children.

  2. I agree with you concerning the moral rot that has taken hold of our nation.

    But I have to lay some of the blame in Wilmington Policing at the feet of it's profligate Mayor Jimmie the Second. Not the part that generates from the thug culture that was kick started by the rap promoted by the record companies and the marketing of that degenerate loser culture. I blame Jimmy the Second for the mismanagement of the city's resources both people and financial. Remember Chris the Commie Coons and the rest of the Democratic Party Stooges on the County Council (whose numbers had been swelled via Executive Fiat by Nanny Minner)
    took 17 million dollars out of the County Surplus to bail out Jimmy 2 before his latest re-election insuring his victory. Anyway I'm sure Mayor Jimmy 2 (the not so closet Regionalist) is as pleased as pie that a precedent has been set with Markel's plan to send in the State Police to bail out Mayor Jimmie this time that will make it easier and easier for His Dishonor to suck up more and more money and resources from outside the city.

  3. Mic - you are dead on. There is blame to be placed with individuals. This problem cannot be solved by a simple replacement of politicians. It must take root through a revival of our American spirit and that spirit must be rebuilt through faith.

  4. Have any of you ever raised a cat? you can't order it what to do. You have to give it lots of positive reinforcement - or replace it entirely with a cat you like. (Politicians are much the same) Bottom Line: Telling you not to think of a banana or an elephant in your living room doesn't mean you actually WON'T think of it; on the contrary, you probably will visualize it despite being told otherwise; Likewise, broadcasting to all America the visions of what is wrong with us only to tell us "don't do this!" is only reinforcing the nightmare...So we should say "Yay thank you Glen for showing us more of what's wrong!" ...or maybe not.

    On my OWN tangent, in my humble opinion, the problem is that he doesn't validate our Truest Patriots(the ones whose messages have not changed) and yet he does go on religious tangents, he does indulge in personal tangents and stories you would not expect to find in "news". So why not include those who are undeniably key leaders in the conservative movement, instead of giving us more of what he admits America needs to not have?

    Answer: his job is damage control; If the masses are demanding the truth and they Know they're being fed a lie, you have to supply something Other than the mainstream "true" story or they'll KNOW you're lying. So feed them another story so they'll go away. ...Only most of America sees beyond that ruse by now. God have mercy on the traitors who expect to get away with this, what Beck himself calls treason. God Bless you all. (While I can still say that in print in America.)

  5. First of all...I love the anonymous posters and their ramblings...always interesting...

    The point of showing you the depravity of our country is to repulse you. If it bothers you (and it should) it's doing what it needs to do. America needs to see what it is becoming because right now we are in denial.

    Glen doesn't need me to defend him. Anyone who watches his show, listens to his radio show or otherwise pays any real attention can see thathe's doing his part to open the eyes of America. You say he doesn't validate "Our Truest Patriots" yet you list no names. Interesting.

    The bottom line is that this nation has drifted away from God and away from faith and history shows that every Republic that moves away from faith, morality and God spirals into destruction. Glenn (and to be fair, this posting was in the works long before Glenn's show tonight) is doing little more than setting the torches and it is up to us to make things happen.

    You can live in a world where politics is the answer and keep banging your head against the wall or you can watch these videos and see these stories and understand that we have become a nation of people who have been reduced to their basic selves. We are no longer enlightened and we must return to enlightenment in order to survive.

  6. Evan, I have letters from the government, the federal court, and Barack Obama, telling me it is not a crime to rape women in the workplace. I am certain that is not true, IT IS the government legislating all this Violence Against Women's Act.......

    It is Obama-Biden, allowing this abuse of women, depraved sex abuse of children...I have the documents to prove all of this...I would like you to see them.

    I have not been reduced to my "basic self"...the government sent me a letter that states I am "not a person".

    I can not bear all of this, this is not the America I grew up in.

    Due to government abuse of our Nation, our laws, we are not even a "civilized" Nation anymore...

  7. That's horrid Beverly. There are far too many people who "look the other way" when these types of attrocities happen. We cannot do that anymore.

  8. Evan,

    You are on the money. Moral decay is pervasive everywhere....we have no standards and values to pass on to our children. I feel like 50% of our nation "gets it" and the other 50% are lost in a quagmire. All we can do is keep talking about our values to our children, strictly limit TV, Cable, PC's and cell phones....until the kids are relatively developed.

    Keep Marching On....


  9. Sofia, you can do more than that and I believe we all must do more...we have to advocate for positive influences, reach out to our neighbors and intervene when we see things like the bus attack in this post. We can no longer sit back and hope things get better. We must be pro-active and not inactive.

  10. Well done, my friend.
    How far we've come since my day when my Mom promised (and delivered) that if we (five brothers) got it once at school/scouts/Sunday school/little league/etc., we'd get it twice when we got home! The rules of conduct were simple and unmistakable. And woe unto the brother or subgroup of brothers whose conduct required calling up reserves in the form of my otherwise calm Dad. And the example she set was always honest, straight, moral, truthful, respectful, fair ... and expected in return. One result: 5 next generation and seven (so far) next generation families on the straight and narrow.
    For my self, I'm not one to stand by. I step in. Sometimes I catch hell, but more often stunned silence ensues as the realization seeps in. Parents of kids I coached in the soccer years used to ask me in amazement how I got their little Johnny to do what I said. Usually it was as simple as not accepting an alternate outcome.
    The bad apples portrayed in Evan's examples here obviously neither had such guidance, nor know how to now give such guidance. We need to help them.
    Thanks, Evan, for starting a conversation we need to have.